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Diane Brandon is one of the country's leadings experts on Intuition and its inner workings, as well as a Personal Growth & Right-Brain Facilitator.

Diane Brandon is an expert on the inner workings of Intuition and specializes in teaching Right-Brain skills to others in a rational, left-brain fashion. She has created a conceptual model of intuition, in addition to her concept of the Inner Administrative Assistant.

Diane has had a natural aptitude for being whole-brain, being equally comfortable with both left-brain tasks and right-brain pursuits and has been an achiever all her life.

After graduation from Benjamin Franklin Senior High School for academically gifted in New Orleans, Diane went to Duke University and graduated with an A.B. in French from Duke. She then did Master’s work in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures at the University of North Carolina. She also attended T.U.T.O.R., a language institute in Geneva, Switzerland for French studies.

After starting to work professionally with her intuition in 1992, which came out of left field for her, she researched it as a phenomenon for several years, which led to her creation of her conceptual model of it. Because of this accomplishment, she is keenly equipped to teach it to those who are more left-brain.

Since 1996, she has been teaching this critical right-brain skill to others, both those who consider themselves to be predominantly left-brain and those who are more comfortable with right-brain activities. She has taught Intuition in Corporate Seminars, private classes and workshops, and Continuing Education courses (at her alma mater, Duke University, and University of Memphis), in addition to speaking about it and writing about it, in articles and two books, Invisible Blueprints and Intuition for Beginners.

Diane is that Rare expert on intuition -- She is not only a Professional Intuitive, but has also Studied Intuition as a Phenomenon so as to better understand and teach it

Diane has a knack for both explaining cognitively what this right-brain skill is and leading others to explore and experience it for themselves experientially. She specializes in teaching others how to access their intuition in an on-demand manner, rather than waiting for information to come to them spontaneously and how to work with the information they receive. In the process, she leads people to become more whole-brain and utilize more of their mental potential.

Diane has delivered corporate seminars on Maximizing Creativity for Innovation, and The Art of Listening, as well as on Intuition, has taught Wellness Classes on the Wellness Aspects of Sleep and Dreams and Stress Relief via Guided Meditation, and has also facilitated workshops and spoken to groups on Intuition, Creativity, Personal Empowerment and Wholeness, Dreams, Heart-Centeredness, and her work as a Professional Intuitive. She has also spoken to the Annual Gathering of Mensa members on Intuition to overwhelmingly positive response. (Diane is a member of Mensa.)

Diane has been a trail-blazer for most of her life. She pursued acting and singing, was the first female manager in the Marketing Department of Edward Weck & Company, opened a performing arts store, translated international maritime regulations, and decided to tackle the ephemeral topic of intuition from a rational and cognitive point of view. Diane is a “people person” with a strong, dynamic stage presence, rendering her seminars and presentations both memorable and powerful.

Because she had to develop her own intuition, rather than always knowing it was there, Diane is keenly equipped to teach others how to use theirs and how to apply it to practical and everyday areas. She further has a knack for explaining things in a grounded and understandable manner, ensuring that any "arcane" aspects of her topics are brought firmly into the light of day and rendered commonsensical and easily grasped.


A.B., French, Duke University

M. A. C. Coursework in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

T. U. T. O. R. (Language Institute), French Studies, Geneva, Switzerland


Courses and Lectures Taught

"Understanding and Developing Intuition", Continuing Studies, Duke University

"Understanding and Developing Intuition", Continuing Education, University of Memphis

"Leading with Creativity", Guest Lecture, Christian Brothers University School of Business


"Wholism and the New Age," Connexions, November and December 1993

"Paths to Empowerment," Connexions, November 1994 and January 1995

"Guided Meditation and Regression," Connexions, June 1994

"Vocal Tips for Storytellers," Journal of Tar Heel Tellers, March 1995

"Experiential Spirituality and Contemporary Gnosis," Innerchange Magazine, March 1996

"Shamar's Journey of Love," Innerchange Magazine, July and August/September 1996

"Heart-Centeredness," Innerchange Magazine, April/May 1997

"Unwrapping the Wonderful Gift of Dreams," Innerchange Magazine, August/September 1997

"Intuition - An Intuitive's View," Innerchange Magazine, February/March 1998

"The Dance of Personal and Spiritual Growth," Innerchange Magazine, June/July 2001

Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life (© 2000, 2005 Diane Brandon, Insight Publishing)

Contributing Author ("Of Psychics, Singing, and Soul-Searching") to The Long Way Around: How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love, © 2000, Coastal Carolina Press

Contributing Author ("A Bearable Lightness of Being - The Magic of Personal Growth"), Speaking Out, © 2005, Insight Publishing

Co-Author (with Davis, J. A., et al. ), Remedial Educational Activities of the University of North Carolina : 1976. Research Triangle Park, N. C.: Research Triangle Institute, June 1977


Creative Works

"The Multi-Fold Path to Personal Empowerment and Wholeness" (System, workshop, and exercises)

“Yes, You Can Sing” (Self-Instructional Audio Tape), 1995

Co-Author and -Producer, “Where are the Animals?” (Children's Show), Commissioned by the N. C. Zoological Park, 1993

Diane has Taught Classes, Seminars, Spoken, and Consulted with the Following Clients:

Kay Chemical Company


SAS Institute

Duke University

University of Memphis

Christian Brothers University

Eli Research

Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants

Rhine Research Center



"This was just awesome! Thank you for having the courage to do this training and expose us to something so unique." -
Nancy Benton


"The seminar was a HUGE success! Lots of very favorable feedback."
Rodney Williams, Vice President of Operations, Kay Chemical Company


"I have utilized Diane's intuitive consulting for several years now. Her insight was extremely beneficial in my purchase of a new business during the negotiation phase. Diane identified potential barriers and obstacles that were obscured at that time. She has also assisted me in hiring personnel by giving me invaluable insight on prospective employees. She is excellent!" -
Bonita Caldwell
President, CLG, LLC.



Diane has made radio and television appearances nationally and has been quoted in Wikipedia (

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